VitaSana is a centre where businesses make it possible to offer health examinations for their employees. We are situated in The Hague where it is possible to make an appointment for a health screening. Our medical team consists of the following healthcare specialists including  (radiologist, internist, cardiologist and pulmonologist), registered nurses and a cardiac technician.

VitaSana is the right address if you are interested in a health examination. Our extensive health examination provides an insight into you current health status. We can refer you to hospital specialists where needed, or even a lifestyle coach who can support you in achieving a healthy lifestyle.
Please note your GP remains the first point of contact.

VitaSana promotes a holistic approach to health. We look further that the physical aspects of your body and take time to discuss them with you. Prior to your health examination appointment, we ask you to complete a questionnaire based on your current lifestyle and psychosocial elements which may be relevant. During the examination we conduct diverse physical examinations. These include lung capacity test, ECG, blood analysis and a  ultrasound of the heart, abdomen, carotid valves and thyroid gland. The results from the questionnaire which you have filled in prior to your appointment will be compared to the examination findings. The doctor will explain the results to you in full and advice to compliment your health status. 

More information about our medical examinations

Have you received an invitation to attend a health examination check at VitaSana? Via our website you can make an appointment easily.

Follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Choose a day and time (please note the full examination appointment    takes approximately 4-5 hours)
  • Step 2: Fill in your personal details.
    We advise you to fill your private email address in.
    In the space “reason for making the appointment” fill the reference code which you have been sent by your employer.
  • Step 3: Check your details and send the form.  
  • Step 4: Confirm the reservation by clicking on the link you have received in the automatic email which you should have received.
  • Step 5: You will receive an automatic confirmation of your reservation.
  • Step 6: within 3 workdays you will receive an official confirmation of your appointment. Your booking  has now been reserved at VitaSana.

Make an appointment

The health examination at VitaSana is aimed at diagnosing physical, mental and social problems at an early stage. The health examination at VitaSana is aimed at early detection of predisposing factors which may become disabling at a later stage. By taking simple measures such as following advice about prevention and how to lead a healthy lifestyle we can prevent health problems developing in years to come.

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The health examination takes approximately 4-5 hours. When you arrive at our health centre in The Hague, you will be welcomed and guided to your personal room which will be your base during the various examinations. Reference is made to the schedule which is available in your room. The medical team will accompany you to and from each examination, which are held in various examination rooms.

A final physical examination will be carried out by the doctor in your personal room. The doctor will make his conclusion and give personal health advice based on the results from the online questionnaire and the results from the medical examinations carried out during your health check day. 

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We advise you to bring the following articles:

  • A valid ID for example; passport, ID card, driving licence
  • Sportwear, sneakers and slippers
  • If applicable; contact lenses / spectacles

You may have breakfast on the day of your appointment, but for the ultrasound it is important that you do not eat fatty foods at breakfast (no eggs, bacon, etc.) and do not drink coffee. Please do not eat and go to the toilet 2 hours before your appointment. So you arrive with a reasonably full bladder. To counter this, it is advisable not to consume carbonated drinks, onions, leeks, cabbages and beans, etc., 24 hours before the examination. Please do not eat 4 hours before your appointment. Medicines can be taken with water. 

The doctor will discuss the results and his conclusion with you. Should there be a need to take further examinations and follow up at an external health centre or hospital, we will support you and help you in any way necessary. However it is important to note that costs related to further examinations are at your own expense.

More information about PME

Your medical details and the results from the health check are recorded processed with the ultimate discretion. The results are shared solely with yourself. Your medical records will not be shared with your employer. This way your personal details are treated with the strictest confidence. VitaSana takes patient confidentiality extremely  seriously. You can read our privacy regulations here.

Regular healthcare checks are in general not covered by a basic health insurance in the Netherlands. However there are several health insurances who offer full or partial coverage from within their extra health insurance packages. We advise you to contact your health insurance provider prior to booking your appointment to prevent any unexpected costs.

Have you received an invitation through your employer for a health check at VitaSana? In that case all costs will be covered by your employer and you will not be required to pay any costs yourself.

Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

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