VitaSana PME

The extensive Periodical (Preventive) Medical Examination at VitaSana has been carefully developed for you. VitaSana focuses on good long-term health. For regular health problems, your GP is of course always your first point of contact.


Periodical (Preventive) Medical Examination

  • Ultrasound of your heart, upper and lower abdomen and neck
  • ECG
  • Bone density measurement
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Eye and hearing tests
  • An exercise tolerance test
  • A lung function test
  • Biometrics (pulse, blood pressure, height, weight, oxygen saturation)
  • Your body composition (fat/muscle ratio)
  • Besides a possibly specific physical examination, our medical specialist will personally discuss all the test results with you.
  • On medical indication MRI and/or X-ray

The entire programme takes around 4 hours

How does it work?

1. Making an appointment

Your employer sends you a personal invitation for the Periodical (Preventive) Medical Examination. You can then easily make an appointment through our website.

2. Online questionnaire

Prior to the examination, you will be asked to fill in information about your physical and psychosocial status, diet, exercise, sleeping pattern and lifestyle.

3. PME

Our medical team performs the medical examinations. We work efficiently and accurately using advanced modern equipment.

4. Results

Our medical specialist personally discusses the results with you and provides if necessary customised advice.

Prior to your visit

Before your examination, we ask you to complete an online questionnaire. This will be sent to you by e-mail. You will then be requested to answer general questions as well as questions about your lifestyle. This might include questions about your diet, exercise and sleeping pattern. We also consider psychosocial aspects and in combination with the extensive supplementary medical examination, we will can gain more insight into offering you the personal advice to help you accomplish your goals in staying healthy. 

Simultaneously you will receive an e-mail stating the time of your appointment and directions to our centre.

During your visit

The examination takes place at our centre in The Hague. During the PME, you will be assigned your own personal room which will serve as your base in between your fixed schedule of medical examinations. The various medical examinations are carried out in different examination rooms. We will personally accompany you to and from each examination.

The results of these medical examinations will be recorded in your personal digital dossier.

When all the medical examinations have been completed, our medical specialist will perform if necessary a medical examination, following this he will take the time to discuss the results in full with you. 

Together with the results from the online questionnaires, we then give you a provisional summary and advice based on the current findings. A definitive report follows soon afterwards. You will be notified about this by secured e-mail. 

PME completed. What happens now?

The PME provides insight into your health. Based on results, the medical specialists at VitaSana can refer you to various colleague specialists in a hospital or a paramedical professional. 

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on the following factors:


Your medical details and the results of your PME will be handled in the strictest confidence. The medical specialist discusses the results with you. Your dossier is not shared with your employer. This means that your privacy is totally respected.


Our team of fully qualified medical specialists (radiologists, internists, cardiologists and a pulmonologist), qualified nurses and a cardiac sonographer/ technician performs the medical examinations. You discuss the results of the various tests with the medical specialist, who conducts a closing interview with you.

Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!
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